Land Owners Key in Effective Deployment of Ardhisasa for Nairobi Plots for Sale

Land Owners Key in Effective Deployment of Ardhisasa for Nairobi Plots for Sale

Let us start by understating the term Ardhisasa

Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by the Government. It was developed with strict security protocols in place, allowing only accurate data to be printed on it.

In Kenya, Land Cabinet Secretary is Farida Karoney. She recently held a meeting in her Ministry and below is what she had to say about Ardhisasa;

Cabinet Secretary Farida Karoney has emphasized the key role played by land owners in the current disposition of the Ardhisasa Land Management System.

The Cabinet Secretary held a meeting with Ministry’s Heads of Department at the National Geospatial Data Centre (NGDC) in Ruaraka on Friday. Her main agenda was to instruct the Ministry staff to assist land owners to complete their transactions on the platform and guide those whose properties are not in the system through the process of uploading and verification.

CS Karoney also applauded landowners as they play a vital role in the active deployment of the National Land Information Management System. Hence the need for them to be assisted to complete their transactions online.

In her statement, she said that landowners should not be discouraged by unavailability of some properties on the platform as a special team has been deployed to assist land owners with the verification process.

Below is the type of data accepted by Ardhisasa;

  • Accepts only valid data.
  • Accepts only complete data.
  • Accepts data that has been verified.

This in turn will help a lot because any data that has unresolved issues in its records is currently not available for transaction. Everything has to be in good order for data to be accepted.

For the land owners whose property is not in the system, a strong team of customer care agents who are available 24 hours a day will guide you through the whole process of uploading the property, while another special team will help them verify the validity of the property.

CS Karoney further on requested for the landowners to work hand in hand with the Ministry to fill existing gaps in data, which are hindering uploading of some land parcels into the system.

‘’Effective collaboration of the system will ensure integrity of credentials and sustainable land administration and management,’’ she stated.

The CS added that, while everything may seem like its dragging, for now, the advantages will automatically outweigh the cost and minimal disadvantages experienced. The system will get rid of land cartels and fraudsters.

‘’Kenyans are a happy lot as the system has proven to be useful, clear, and an effective mode of conducting land transactions. There is no need for middlemen, or contact numbers in the Ministry to buy and sell property in Nairobi. This is because you can carry out the trades at the comfort of your office, or at home using your smart phone or computer’’, stated CS Karoney.

She also hoped the transformation to replicate to the rest of the country by December next year. As it will get rid of the hustle and tussle off buying and selling property.

Lastly, without forgetting, the CS also commended Ministry officials for their devotion and obligation in ensuring the system works smoothly, adding that the change being achieved in the lands sector will also benefit generations to come.

We at Denver Group Limited we embrace and congratulate the key stakeholders in the implementation of Ardhisasa and happy since it will be easier and effective for us to serve our clients through the ministry of lands Kenya. Are you looking for Nairobi plots for sale in Kenya? Call/WhatsApp us: 0701 730 267.

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