How to Apply for Land Title deed Online

How to Apply for Land Title Deed Online in Kenya

Title Processing, Title Deed Transfer and Application in Kenya

Did you know that it is possible to apply for your title deed from the comfort of your home? The Government of Kenya established an online-based portal, where citizens get access to assorted public services, one of which is land registry. The role of a title deed is to prove that there is a legal agreement of transfer of ownership, particularly when a new landowner is involved. It is however important to understand the various stages that are involved in application of a title deed online.

Here are the 7 steps involved in the process of applying for a title deed online.

Step One: Access Your E-Citizen and Do an Online search

Use the chosen logins to access personal E-citizen account. If you do not have an E-citizen account, you can sign up for free and in few simple steps. Click on The Ministry of Lands, Housing, & Urban Development. Under this, there is the option for land search. Click on it and provide the title deed number. Also, fill the and search form and submit. Pay a feel of Ksh 500 and print the results.

Step Two: Obtaining Land Transfer Documents

This stage entails contacting a lawyer, who will be responsible for facilitation of land transfer documents. Under this stage, you will also be required to apply for rates clearance certificate. This is acquired from the county government. The tentative budget for all this is Ksh 10,000.

Step Three: Land Rent Clearance Certificate

This is obtained directly from the office of the commissioner of lands. In an instance where the land rent is cleared, the commissioner of lands issues a clearance certificate. It is also worth noting that the duly filled application forms are required in quadruplicates.

Step Four: Consent of Transfer

The National Lands commission is responsible for the provide consent of transfer of leasehold land held by the government. To get the consent of transfer, there is the need to clear land rent and land rates, and be with the respective certificates. Having paid for that, an application is written by a lawyer addressing the commissioner of lands. The consent of transfer is thereafter issued. The whole process takes approximately 10 days.

Step Five: Filing the Transfer Instrument of The Lands Office and Valuation

At this stage, assessment of stamp duty payable is done. Normally, the stamp duty payable is equal to four or five percent of the value of the land. Transfer of draft is facilitated by the buyer’s lawyer. The seller’s counterpart on the other end approves the transfer instrument. Following an approval of the lawyer, the instrument of transfer is submitted to the land registry for assessment of stamp duty. Valuation is subsequently done, with the help of the officials from land registry. It is with the help of valuation that the payable stamp duty is determined.

Step Six: Payment of Stamp Duty

Now that valuation has been done, it is time to clear the stamp duty. It is the responsibility of the valuation officer involved to come up with the market value of the land in question, and thereafter determine the payment needed as stamp-duty. Payment in this case can be done via KRI iTax portal.

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