Choosing between a Conveyancing Lawyer and a Solicitor when Lands in Kenya

Choosing between a Conveyancing Lawyer and a Solicitor when Lands in Kenya

Find a Lawyer while Purchasing Affordable Land for Sale in Kenya

When buying lands in Kenya, or Property for Sale in Kenya, there is always a lot of confusion from all the things you have to do including finding a lawyer. People have different opinions on whether to get a Solicitor or a Conveyancer. Telling the difference in most cases poses as a challenge when you don’t know what legal processes entail. You could end up paying fees to the wrong person and spending a lot of money.

Let us start by understanding both terms;

  • Conveyancing

This is the transfer of ownership of property from one person to another person. The sale will depend on the laws governing that location; where the property is situated. It involves exchange of contracts signed by both parties to make them legally binding.

Conveyancers are regulated by The Council of Conveyancers.

  • Solicitor

This is a member of a legal profession qualified to deal with conveyancing, drawing up of wills and other legal matters. They may also instruct barristers and represent clients in court. Also known as;

  • Legal Representatives,
  • Legal Practitioners or
  • Legal Executives.

A Solicitor charges higher than the Conveyancer because they offer a full range of legal services. The conveyancer only specializes in property. The good thing is that both are regulated and insured.

Before you purchase any property, it is important to determine whether you will need a Solicitor or a Conveyancer. This will also depend with your financial capacity. A good real estate agent will have professional connections to conveyancers and solicitors.

Take for example, if you are buying property for the first time and low on finances, a conveyancer is a pretty good choice. This is because of their affordability and knowledge on Real Estate. But if the risk is higher and you are purchasing an off-plan property or when a plan of subdivision is required, you may need the services of a solicitor. They are also able to represent you in court.

Factors to consider when deciding on whom to choose;

  1. Value for money

This is the expected cost you will incur after the services rendered.

As earlier stated, a solicitor will charge higher legal fees compared to a conveyancing lawyer. This is because of the load of their work. A solicitor offers more services. The good part is that with a solicitor, you probably get most/all of the services you may need.

  1. Law

A Solicitor has more knowledge of the law since most of them have undergone full course studies, Degree. A Conveyancing lawyer mostly has a Diploma and only deals with Real Estate matters. A Solicitor takes up the task of even representing you in court, drawing up of wills to avoid family disputes and even tax issues. They charge more, but it is always value for money.

  1. Documents

Documentation is a very important factor no matter who you are dealing with. Solicitors are trained to handle sensitive information hence will keep a safe in their offices to store the documents. With them safety is guaranteed in case a client prefers to leave their documents with them.

  1. Assurance

A good team or system in place reduces the stress and hustle that comes with purchasing of a property. Communication is vital. It is always good to discuss with your team the following;

  • Location and whether it is easily accessible.
  • Track the progress of your purchase.
  • Meeting times convenient for both of you, availability.
  • Ask for hidden charges.
  • In case of your unavailability, you’ll be in charge?

Choosing the right Solicitor or Conveyancer is important as it ensures your transactions go on smoothly. Get to know your needs before making a decision. Engage Denver Group Limited while buying lands in Kenya as we sell Joska Malaa plots for Sale. Call us: 0701 730 267.

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