Why you should buy Property in Kenya Real Estate only during the rainy season

Why you should buy Property in Kenya Real Estate only during the rainy season

4 Reasons you should Buy Cheap Plots for Sale in Kenya only during the rainy season 

Land has a great value more so because it is an asset whose value keeps on appreciating. It is also costly and that is why you should take good time to research well before buying one. Seasons are a great factor in land buying, especially the rainy season.

In this article, we shall discuss reasons you should buy property only during the rainy season. This will help you make an informed decision.

1. Accessibility

It is during the rainy season that you can tell if the land you are buying is accessible, or not. You will know if the roads leading to the plot you are interested in feature overflowing bridges, or they are cut off by floods. Also, you will establish if the land is vulnerable to erosion, something you cannot tell during the dry season. If the roads remain in good shape during the rainy season, you have nothing to worry about and can make a purchase of the land.

2. Drainage System

The rainy season is one of the best times to know how the drainage system is setup. If you buy land in a place where the drainage system is poor and build a house there, it will destroy its foundation. Besides, a poor drainage system also destroys the roads and you might have a tough time accessing your home. It is also during this season that you also check the condition of the drainage pipes. If you notice they are leaking, or too small to hold the rainwater, consider buying land somewhere else.

3. Water Table

The rainy season gives you a better chance to know the level of the land you are eyeing. Is its water table low, or high? If you notice that the land is in a depression, there will be water collection and floods in a particular area and this is something you cannot notice during the dry season.

You also do not have to be an engineer to know that water flows downwards. Therefore, if the land you are interested in is on the sloppy side, then the rainwater will be flowing towards it. If this is the case, the water might be flowing towards your house.

4. Less Competition

Very few people think of buying land during the rainy season. Cold weather makes them not desire to get in the fields and struggle with mud. This is why you should take advantage of the situation and be in touch with a land agent at this time. You will have better chances of getting a portion of land at a cheaper price.

In the recent past, there have been many cases of flooding, especially within Nairobi and the surrounding areas. It is; therefore, wise to request your land agent to take you for land viewing during the rainy season. This is because rain reveals lots of land-related issues most of which you may not see during the dry season.

Additionally, there is not much competition for land during that time and you might get a fair deal. Are you looking for a piece of land? Reach out to Denver Group Limited at any time and you will be booked in for land for sale in Malaa viewing day so that you make an informed purchase.

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