Where should you build first between the city (houses in Nairobi) and The Village

Where should you build first between the city (houses in Nairobi) and The Village

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Building a home in the city or village is a prestigious achievement. It comes with a sense of pride, responsibility, and great security for the future. However, most people struggle with choosing where to build first. Is it in the village or the city?

We understand this is a common question for many, and we shall discuss the two options in this blog.

In the African traditions, a village home is very important. It commands honor for many and gives you a sense of belonging. This is why most urban dwellers always ensure they have a house in their ancestral land. So how do we define a rural home? It’s simply a house in the rural area.

Reasons Why People Build Houses in The Village

  1. Developing where they have come from and upgrading their ancestral home.
  2. Retirement – Most city dwellers build houses in the village to have residence after retirement.
  3. Status and prestige – The African setup, a village house earns you respect and gives you a status quo, especially when you have friends visiting from Nairobi.
  4. Cultural Beliefs – As mentioned earlier, culture pushes men to build houses in the village no matter how often they visit it. For others, it is the fear of what people will say and dying without somewhere to leave their loved ones.
  5. Legacy – A home in the village keeps a lasting memory of those who built it. It also creates a place for generational gathering.

What Is the Difference Between a Rural and Urban Residence

  1. The urban centers have a higher population than the rural areas.
  2. The environment in the village has more open spaces, farms, and forests, unlike many urban areas that feature more buildings hence congestion.
  3. Urban areas boast a more developed transportation system, unlike rural areas.
  4. Urban centers have more amenities compared to the rural ones.
  5. The social ties in the rural areas are stronger than in the city.
  6. Life in the village is cheaper than in the city.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Where to Build

Deciding whether to build in the village, or city is not a one-time thing. Your decision should be based on several factors, and here are some of them.


Convenience is critical in deciding where to build. How convenient will it be for you and your loved ones to build a home in the village or city? Will it affect your lifestyle in any way? These are questions you need to ask yourself before building.

The Needs of Your Family

Times have changed, and nowadays, it’s important to include all your loved ones when making significant decisions, such as building a house. Consider their needs. Do they need a house in the village or the city first? What are the benefits of each to them, especially in matters of comfort? These are crucial questions that will ensure that the interest of your loved ones has not been overlooked in your decision.

Utility Availability

In rural areas, access to utilities may be limited, and you may be forced to pay for their installation. The other challenge would be the connectivity of utilities such as the internet and electricity. Besides, it will cost you more compared to the city.

The above information lets you know whether to build your rural or urban home first. However, if you love the blend of urban and rural areas, you have plenty of places where you can settle and enjoy both the countryside and urban touch. These areas include Joska, Malaa, Kamulu, and Juja Farm.

Conclusively, rural and urban areas are good for building a home. However, this decision depends greatly on your goals, priorities, and preferences. Nevertheless, avoid investing heavily in your rural home if you stay in the city longer.

Rural homes do not offer many economic advantages or exchange values. However, there will be no harm if you can afford to build both in the city and village.

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