Buying a House in Kenya Vs Buying Land and Building

Buying a House in Kenya Vs Buying Land and Building

Buying a plot is better compared to buying a ready made house engage professional land selling companies in Kenya

Do you have a dream of becoming a homeowner? The most probable options for you in the real estate market are buying an already-built home or buying land and building your dream home. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, ranging from legal obligations to cost-effectiveness, customization, and unexpected costs.

At Denver Group Limited, we understand that navigation through these choices is not a walk in the park, and that’s why in this article, we shall help you by exploring both the cons and pros of buying an already-built house and buying land to build.

If you are a seasoned real estate investor or a first-time buyer, this blog is the ultimate read. So keep reading.

Pros of Buying Land to Build

1.     Customization 

Building your home gives you freedom of customization. It gives you control over the tiling, design, layout size of the rooms, and everything you would want your house to have. This way, you can visualize and turn your ideas into a reality. The freedom to customize your home also allows you to factor in the preferences of your loved ones and go for what gives them comfort. This is different when buying an already-built home. You will have to take it as it is.

2. No additional expenses

You have full control over the project, you can avoid additional costs by paying only for what you want. On the contrary, buying an existing home may incur extra costs as you try to fix some existing features.

3. Space Planning

This is another major pro of buying land and building. It allows you to factor in your needs as you customize the house. This allows you to use your space well; thus, you can allocate a portion for the kitchen garden, parking, swimming pool, etc.

4. Smooth Process 

After you have completed the land purchasing process and gotten a good builder, it is easy to build a new house. With materials available, the project may take between 4 to 6 months, depending on its scale.

5. Good Investment Return

If you build your house and furnish it well with modern solar panels, appliances, and new electrical and plumbing fixtures, it will appreciate hence an assurance of a good return investment. A well-designed and built house will always be a hot cake in Kenya, especially in prime locations such as Kamulu, Joska, Malaa, or Juja Farm.

6. Pricing

Generally, it is cheaper to buy land and build than to buy an already built house in Kenya. Nevertheless, this depends on several factors, such as the size and location of the land. Buying an already-built house is expensive because most home sellers include the cost of buying the land, building, and labor.


More Research Is Required

This is the main disadvantage of buying land to build. After you have bought the land, the list of things you must do before starting to build is long. You first find an architect and contractors to start with. You must also do soil tests, check the zoning regulations and local building codes, obtain the building permits, and ensure you are obliged to the demands of the local authorities. All these things make building a home a hectic and time-consuming project.

In conclusion, buying land to build in Kenya gives more customization and flexibility options. You also avoid additional expenses and can use your space accordingly. Additionally, the home will appreciate hence more investment returns if you decide to sell it.

Nevertheless, buying land to build a home comes with its challenges. You may experience hectic legal processes, unexpected delays, to mention a few.

Considering all these factors, it would be okay to conclude that buying land to build in Kenya is better than buying a ready-built home.

Nevertheless, you will need genuine and experienced real estate agents like Denver Group Limited to help you overcome these challenges and have your dream home. We have prime plots in fast-growing areas such as Joska, Malaa, and Kamulu. Our plots have access to electricity, water, and ready title deeds issued after you have completed your payment.

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