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Importance of Title Deed in Kenya

There is a lot of controversy surrounding land ownership and title deeds to be specific. Some people argue that title deeds are not as important as many are made to believe. The argument may be real depending on various factors, but in Kenya, you will be safer with your title deed. This article will look at the importance of title deed in Kenya.

There is a lot of conmanship in the real estate industry and it will be very difficult to seek justice in case you become a victim of such without a title deed. In this article, we shall discuss why a title deed is important.

According to Kenyan law, a title deed is a document that confirms the ownership of a property. This could be a housing unit or land. There are two types of title deeds in Kenya: Freehold and leasehold land titles.  Apart from proving from a legal point that you are a real owner of the land, here are other importance’s of a title deed in Kenya.

Exploring The Importance of Title Deed in Kenya

Informs The Location and Size

Every title deeds in Kenya indicates where the land is located. This is important more so if you desire to sell the land at some point. It will be easier for the buyer to be convinced about the location and confirm the same physically.

Prevents Land Encroachment

The title deed search Kenya is always a truth-teller and won’t lie. Since it indicates the size of the land, it makes it difficult for anyone who would want to claim rights over your land. Your land will therefore be safe from any land fraud-related incidences.

Used To Invest

There are so many investment opportunities that you can access by using a title. You can use it as collateral to access bank loans which you can use to invest once the loan has been approved. A title deed can easily solve your financial crisis and other problems.

Used As Legal Evidence

Sometimes buying land comes with a lot of challenges and sometimes disputes may arise. Some of the most common land disputes include land boundaries, and heritage cases in a family, among others. However, when such cases arise and you have the title deed, the problems will be solved easily.

The main advantage of a title deed is to express who the owner of the land is. Moreover, a title can be used to invest or as security for a loan. It also prevents land encroachment and serves as a piece of legal evidence in case a dispute arises. Conclusively, a title deed carries out a lot of importance and weight since they are a legal document and a must-have according to the Kenyan government.

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