Illegal Land for Sale Nairobi. How to Protect Yourself

Illegal Land for Sale Nairobi. How to Protect Yourself

The Process of Buying Land for Sale Nairobi from an Individual to protect yourself from being conned

Picture this; you wake up one morning to your property being occupied by total strangers. They have suddenly erected a perimeter wall around your property. The strangers have even managed to seek the services of a security guard. Who, upon arrival, treats you like a trespasser. The shock and trauma in your face is unavoidable. What next? You ask yourself.

As always, it is important to perform due diligence on the land you intend to purchase. Avoid short cuts at all costs, they are very dangerous.

With the rising cases of land fraudsters / conmen; it is good to ensure your property is protected. A few measures that help are stated below:

1.     Search

Always insist on the title deed so as you may conduct a search at the Lands Registry. This will notify you on the rightful owner of the property eliminating fraudsters. It only takes 24 hours / 1 day for one to get search results after feeling a search form and paying a small fee of sh. 500.

An easier way is using the citizen platform online, where you will follow the instructions given.

2.     Secure the property

After acquiring the Title Deed, it is always advisable to find ways of securing your property. Your land might not be as safe as you think when it lies around without any hint of possession. Fraudsters take advantage of such properties and make illegal sales from it.

Make sure you put up a perimeter wall or a barbed wire fence all round your property. Seek the services of a security guard or caretaker and make sure to conduct regular searches to make sure you are still the legal owner of the property. You can never be too certain/ complacent.

3.     Use it as collateral

Charge your property to the bank or use it to get a loan or overdraft. This helps a lot, in that, when one searches for it, a partnership is found on it. This will automatically demand respect on the property.

No one will be willing to purchase a property used as collateral, it is very risky. In the eventuality that the owner defaults, the land is repossessed by the bank and you end up being the loser.

4.     Sign posts

Put up a sign post written, NOT FOR SALE, in your property to wade off any conmen. Get to also interact with your neighbors so as they may alert you in case any developments are made on your property without your knowledge.

5.     Develop the property

After fencing your property, do some developments on it depending with your financial ability. Plant some food crops or even rear poultry. This notifies people that the property is being managed by someone. Fallow land attracts fraudsters.

Lastly, be informed on what documents you need to possess for a successful and legal ownership of the property. This will save you from being duped.

Buy land from a registered and established Property Agent.  Find a good and reputable Lawyer who will assist you in the property search and transactions to be carried out.

Before buying land ask for the legal documents for selling land to facilitate your due diligence, this will save you a lot of problems and will protect you from buying illegal land. Denver Group Limited is a reputable real estate company that can assist you acquire good land with ready Title Deeds.

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