Why You Need To Go For Serviced Plots for Sale in Nairobi

Why You Need To Go For Serviced Plots for Sale in Nairobi

Why You Need To Go For Serviced Plots for Sale in Nairobi

Looking for Serviced Land for Sale in Kenya Nairobi

Whilst it is everyone’s dream to own land, some factors need to be put into consideration before a purchase. As we have always said, land is the only valuable fixed asset one can acquire so it is good to get things right the first time.

What is a serviced plot?

This is a plot that is ready to build on. This means it already has the utility connections like;

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Sewerage
  • Public highway to access the plot

The amenities can either be provided by three classes of local authorities namely;

  • City
  • Municipality and town authorities
  • Private developers

They come up with projects that have factored the cost of supplying these amenities.

Denver group limited has provided serviced plots with all-weather access roads with water and electricity on site. All our plots are ready for construction after purchase, with a gated community set up for security purposes.

Another important factor one needs to put in mind is to always avoid riparian land or land under power lines. Many people have lost millions of money after their property has been demolished by the government.

Below are a few things to look for when buying a serviced plot:

Get to understand your needs as an individual putting your family into consideration. Needs vary from person to person as some ones primary need may be a secondary want to you.  A good example is; security has become a basic need in today’s society hence the development of the gated communities and strong security installations being put in place. Most people prefer building homes closely to each other so as to enclose where traffic is monitored and share the cost among fellow residents.

Also before building, ensure all your paperwork is in order to avoid any future discrepancies. Your documents should align with both the central and county government requirements.

Other needs may vary from individual to individual and the locality of the plot. This means that, a developer will put amenities depending with the target audience on mind. Such utilities include:

  • Golf course
  • Recreation parks
  • Unique house designs
  • Cabro roads
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Health & recreation
  • Commercial nodes
  • Educational centers
  • Social infrastructure

Advantages of a serviced plot:

·       Availability of amenities

This means that most of the services and things you need are readily available.

·       Construction cost is reduced

Since serviced plots are ready for building, the costs incurred will relatively end up being lower.

·       Ready to build

The plots are ready for one to start building as the term suggests. After purchase one can easily start construction.

·       Ownership

Transfer of ownership is made much easier as each plot has its own individual title. After subdivision of the land, we as Denver group limited make sure that each plot has its own title hence after completion of purchase; the transfer process is made very simple.

Lastly, it is important to have the correct information when choosing a serviced plot to avoid any overhead costs that you may not know of.

Are you looking for serviced land for Sale in Joska? Speak to Denver Group Limited today and get assisted to own a plot with a ready Title Deed. Call: 0701 730 267.

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