Betting vs Land Investment, or Properties for Sale in Kenya, Which Is Better?

Betting vs Land Investment, or Properties for Sale in Kenya, Which Is Better?

Avoid Betting and Choose Kenya Property for Sale for your investment

Gambling has alarmingly taken young people by storm, with a majority using lots of money since they believe it is the quickest way to riches. In description, betting is playing an online game of chance for stakes or money. The majority of gamers place bets of little money to win chunks of it.

Betting has become a household activity thanks to technology that has sponsored the availability of hundreds of online betting platforms.

Kenya is not left behind in the world’s betting statistics, as it has at least 76% of bettors, most of whom are between 17 to 35 years. This means over 5 million Kenyans are actively participating in sports betting every day.

But is betting a worthy course compared to land investment? Which of the two should the millennials consider as a way of securing their future? Keep reading this blog as we dive deeper into this debate.

Comparison Between Betting and Land Investment.

  1. Risks-

    Betting is a risky activity since it’s a game of chance. The rate of winning and losing in betting is the same, and in most cases, bettors lose more than they win. If you don’t know the winning strategies of this game, you may lose all your finances.

On the other hand, investing in land is better because it is long-term and comes with an assurance of interest in the future. Whether your land lies idle or is in use, it increases its value yearly. Besides, owning land brings about a culture of hard work through ownership. Besides, it’s a genuine investment, unlike betting.

  1. Accountability-

    When it comes to finances, accountability is key. Unfortunately, this may not be possible in betting because one keeps placing their money on the bets. Besides, you get nothing major to prove your win.

On the contrary, when you buy land, you get a title deed as proof of ownership. Additionally, you can use the title as collateral to get a loan when you need money to invest more. Also, you can resell your land in the future.

When you bet for over a year, and another person buys a piece of land, there will be a clear difference between you five years later. If you are the bettor, you will be agonizing over your losses, while the one who bought the land will have a title deed and an assurance of future security.

  1. Peace of mind

Statistics indicate that millions of bettors across the globe fight depression, stress, and anxiety daily. For many, it becomes an addiction with no assurance of winning much money. Besides, the temptation to win leads many to debts and property loss.

When you buy land, it comes with peace of mind, especially after receiving its title deed. Owning properties comes with a lot of certainty, not to mention the increased value it attracts.

  1. Time consuming

To win in betting, you must spend a lot of time online researching and trying your luck. You need to establish the winning secrets carefully for that one sure bet. The most unfortunate part with betting is that you may spend your time and still count loses.

However, the case is different from land investment. Once you buy your piece of land, it will only demand your attention if it’s time to develop it.

The young generation should focus on long-term and beneficial investments such as land. This will cultivate a culture of hard work for them, not to mention the prestige and security it brings. Land investment also comes with peace of mind, unlike betting, where you end up in depression and loss.

The real estate market in Kenya has diverse opportunities for young people to explore. If you have been struggling to decide which is between betting and land banking, this blog has given you answers. The next step is to look for a plot and invest. Denver Group Limited has fantastic plots of different sizes and budgets. Contact us for more details and make a worthy investment.

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