4 Mistakes People Make When Buying Land for Sale Kenya

4 Mistakes People Make When Buying Land for Sale Kenya

Miscalculation People do When Buying Lands for Sale

There are a lot of choices you need to make when buying Land for Sale Kenya. Unfortunately, if you have no experience in land buying you may end up making common mistakes. This does not however mean that the ones who are experienced cant make mistakes. To many, the process of buying land may seem simple but it requires lots of research and precautions. In this article, we shall discuss mistakes that you can avoid when it’s time to own a piece of land.

  1. Failing To Inspect Land for Sale Kenya Before Buying

It is funny how people can’t buy things like clothes, food, and other items without inspecting but will be reluctant to inspect land before purchasing. You should never buy land that you have not set your eyes on at all. Ensure you visit the land to confirm its existence and see whether it meets your preference and if it’s what the seller says it is. You also need to see its accessibility, type of soil, and if it’s in a flood plain. Additionally, you need to know where the boundaries of the land are with help of a surveyor. Relying on maps might be inaccurate.

2. Wrong Choice of a Land Agent

You will be wrong to think that all real estate agents are experienced the same when it comes to selling and buying land. Buying land is different from buying a home and that’s why you need to inquire from a land consultant first. The consultant should be within the area you intend to buy and he should have done the type of land transactions that relate to the land you intend to buy. This will minimize your chances of making an uninformed purchase.

3. Not Conducting an Official Search of The Land

Doing a land search is a very important step in buying land but unfortunately, most people ignore it. A land search is the only way you know who the real owner of the land you are buying is. To conduct a search at the Lands registry, you will need a copy of the ID and pin of the original owner, and a copy of the title deed. The process takes only two days the reason you should not skip it.

4. Not Securing a Spousal Consent

This is another big mistake that buyers make and it is costly. If the person selling the land to you is married, ensure they have agreed to sell the land with their spouse. This is because if the spouse has not given consent for it, the land cannot be transferred to you even if you have paid the money for it. Land buying should not be done in a rush since no one would want to count losses. That’s why you need to take time and avoid choosing the wrong agent or failing to conduct a land search. You also need to inspect the land before buying and get spousal consent from the seller. If you avoid the above-discussed mistakes, you will be safe. Learn how to invest in Kenya with Denver Real Estate, we have prime plots for sale in Ruiru, Kamulu, Joska, and Malaa Towns. Call us 0701 730 267.

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