Real Estate Kenya and Land the Subdivision Process in Kenya

Real Estate Kenya and Land the Subdivision Process in Kenya

Steps to Buying Land for Real Estate Kenya

The process of subdividing large parcels of land into more than one part is known as land subdivision. It involves several procedures which are done by government agencies. After subdivision, the smaller parts are given their titles

There are many reasons why one would want to subdivide their land. In this article, we shall discuss the land process of subdivision in Kenya but first things first here are the requirements for the process.

  • A search for the original title deed
  • Land subdivision consent from the land Boards of Kenya
  • The title deed of the land
  • Registry index map
  • Proof of payment receipt for the land subdivision process
  • Fully filled PPA1 form
  • Physical planners practicing certificate copy
  • Perfectly drawn scheme showing the proposed subdivision
  • Four copies of the subdivision scheme plan all of which must be signed by the physical planner

There are several costs incurred during a land subdivision process but they are determined by the size and location of the land.

Step By Step Land Subdivision Process

Confirm If the Land Has Any Restrictions 

Restricted lands might not be easy to subdivide and that’s why you should first confirm if your land has any restrictions. It is therefore important to do a search and also confirm if there is a caveat on the land.

Market Evaluation

This is a very important step and it might save you the subdivision cost. By evaluating the market, you will know if the market is available and the current rates in case you want to sell the land. Nevertheless, an evaluation is not important if you want to share the land.

Contact A Local Planning Officer

There is a local planner in every area and they are found at the local government offices. They will confirm if your land is restricted and whether it’s qualified for a subdivision. This is important and it should be done before filling out any land subdivision form.

Choose A Physical Planner That You will work With

A physical planner is allocated a specific area where they should work. They will help you come up with a subdivision plan for your land and advise you on what to expect. They will also advise on the amenities you should add once the subdivision is over. This could be a facility or roads.

Choose A Land Surveyor

The role of the surveyor will be to help you know where the boundaries are and if the area experiences floods. They also advise on the best approach towards the subdivision.

Draft The Land Subdivision Map

This requires the presence of a surveyor, land owner, and a physical planner. The three will draft a map according to how you want your land subdivided more so the size. Your draft should capture every detail that is important in accordance with the county govt.

Application Submission

This stage involves filling out the PPA1 form and paying the applicable charges. As you submit, remember to attach the payment receipts and the subdivision map.

New Title Application

Once your application has been approved by the land planning board, you should apply for a new title for each subdivided portion of land.

We have discussed the steps involved in land subdivision and we hope the article has been informative.

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