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4 Best Places with Farms for Sale in Kenya

Preferred Property for Sale in Kenya where one can Purchase Farms for Sale in Kenya

The growing population in Kenya has always been the reason why land prices keep on skyrocketing. The demand for development of either commercial, or residential properties is expected to increase as time goes by. However, not everyone is searching for development land, some investors are looking for farms for Sale in Kenya. Farming plays a great role in the country’s economy and so you can never be wrong when venturing into it. But where are the best farms for sale found in Kenya property for sale?

This article will discuss various places where you can get farming land. So, keep reading if you are a farmer in making.

1.    Malindi

The coastal region has for a long time been known for the beautiful beaches and tropical climate. However, the region is a gem for farming and most investors have realized this in the recent past. Malindi is one of the places that’s turning out to be a natural haven for farmers thanks to the areas’ fertile soil and great climate.

This place is in Kilifi County approximately 600kms from Nairobi and its boasts thousands of acres of virgin land. The main reason why most investors are moving to this place is because its soil is diverse hence can grow different types of farm products. You can do crop, fruit, or vegetable farming in this region.

Some people are also practicing bamboo, castor and sisal farming. The high farm productivity has led to a large exodus of real estate investors to the area. Some of them are buying the farmlands and selling them to farmers.

Land in Malindi is affordable. You can get an acre at 300,000 depending on its location and development.

2. Juja Farm

Juja farm is currently the heartbeat of real estate in Kenya. This place has registered a massive growth with notable infrastructural development. Located some 34 kilometers from Nairobi city, Juja Farm is not only good for commercial and residential investment but also for farming.

The place has plenty of options for lands and you can get as much land as you want to buy. If you want to buy farmland, Juja Farm would be the best option if you want a place near Nairobi. The land here is fertile and best for farming. Additionally, the area has plenty of water making it even better. Transportation of farm produce is smooth because the roads are well developed.

3. Kangundo road-Joska, Kamulu Plots

Joska and Kamulu are located in Machakos, a county endowed with fertile farming land. There is enough land for farming in these areas should you be in search of farms for sale not far from Nairobi. You can practice subsistence farming along Kangundo Road with specialization in coffee, vegetables, maize, and other drought-resistant crops including millet and sorghum.

There are many people looking for farms for sale to invest in animal farming. For example, Kamulu has lots of people practicing commercial poultry farming. Others are doing cattle farming.

4. Nanyuki

Nanyuki is the country’s largest food production zone. The area has lots of ranches and farmlands unlike any other place in the country. Majority of Nanyuki residents grow different crops including wheat, potatoes, peas, carrots and maize. Livestock farming is also a major activity in the area with a large production of beef for both local and export.

Compared to other places in the country, Land is affordable in Nanyuki. You can get an acre at half a million.

Kenya boasts a lot of farmlands thanks to the good climate and fertile soils in the country. If you desire farming, you have plenty of land options in this country depending on your budget and farming goals.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best places to get farms for sale in Kenya. You won’t go wrong with Joska, Kamulu, Juja Farm, Malindi and Nanyuki. All these areas are ideal both for livestock and crop farming. Besides, land is also affordable and has proper infrastructure to meet all your farming needs.

However, you should always do proper research when searching for farms for sale in Kenya. Conduct a land search and most importantly involve a lawyer in the whole process.

Farming is the country’s backbone and you wouldn’t be making a mistake trying it

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