Kenya Title Deed: Mother Title vs. Individual Title

Kenya Title Deed: Mother Title vs. Individual Title Deed

Different types of Title Deeds and How to get a Title Deed in Kenya

A land title deed is the most important document in land ownership because it proves legal ownership over a piece of land. Land transactions can’t be completed without a title deed. In this article, I will discuss two types of title deeds in Kenya to help you know what you must go for when buying a piece of land. But first, what is a title deed?

It’s a legal deed/document that constitutes evidence of a right of ownership over a property. A title deed contains important information about a property or land, including the owner’s name, location, boundaries, and land size. In Kenya, deeds are given by the Ministry of Land.

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There are two types of titles in Kenya; a mother title and an individual title. A mother title is the original title deed of a land before it’s subdivided into plots. An individual title deed is a specific ownership document for a particular plot after subdivision.

Why an Individual Kenya Title Deed Is Better Than a Mother Title

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1.    Individual Titles Are Specific

Before buying a piece of land in Kenya, due diligence is important and involves a title search. The search entails important information about the land, including its location, size, and the rightful owner of the land. On the contrary, a mother title doesn’t have this specificity, making buying land risky. Additionally, it denies you legal direct ownership of your land until it is subdivided. This comes with many uncertainties; getting an individual title deed is the only way to avoid them.

2.    Investment Limitations

In Kenya, an individual has rights over a piece of land when its title reads their name. This may limit your investment plans if you bought land under the mother title instead of an individual one. You may not be free to use your plot maximally because the land owner still has a say over you, unlike when you have an individual Kenya title deed. In some places, land buyers have been forced to wait until the mother title is subdivided to carry out their investment plans. This is not a path you would want to follow hence we advise you to buy land with individual title.

3.    Smooth Transfer of Ownership

If you invest in land to sell after it appreciates, a mother title will abort the mission. You can’t resell the land until the day the mother title will be subdivided into individual ownership. This may take years, meaning you will not do business within that time. However, with an individual Kenya title deed, you can sell your piece of land whenever you wish because transferring the title to your client is very easy. Also, unlike mother titles, transferring a piece of land with an individual title is easy since the mutation process is minimal.

4.Easy Loan Accessibility

Sometimes, you may need some financial boost from Saccos, or banks. If you are a landowner with an individual title deed, it will be easier to access a loan since the bank will accept it as collateral. The case is impossible with a mother title since your names are not in it. Therefore, as you buy land, it’s good to consider when you may need a financial boost and buy a plot with an individual title.

5. Inheritance

In case of death, transferring land with an individual title is easier than one with a mother title. You can leave your land to anyone in your will or trust. Smooth transfer of your property/land to your loved ones is a major advantage of having an individual title deed.

Conclusively, individual titles are the best for any land transaction in Kenya. At Denver Group Limited, we understand the importance of having an individual title, and that’s why all our plots have ready individual title deeds. You will receive the title once you complete paying for your plot. We have different plot sizes that will fit your investment dream, so visit us and let us make your land ownership journey easy.

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