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25 Best Schools Along Kangundo Road

Plots for Sale Kangundo Road with Good Schools

Kangundo Road has registered one of the most significant exodus in Nairobi as people move from town to settle in areas such as Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, etc. The affordability of plots for sale in Kangundo Road in the area and excellent infrastructure have sponsored the exodus.

If you have just moved to any of these areas with your family or plan to do so, this article is a timely read. This is more so if you have school-going kids. We shall list some of the best schools to enroll your little ones along Kangundo Road. Each school in our list is unique, and you can be sure to find one that meets your education standards and preferences. Additionally, they offer various education models, including CBC and IGCSE. The schools also boast huge spaces for extra-curricular activities.

Let’s get started.

Here are the Best Schools along Kangundo Road

1. Elimu House School

The Elimu House School is a top-notch education center in Ruai, 26 km from Nairobi. This school was founded in 2009 and has remained a center of academic excellence, where students are modeled into great brains and personalities.

The school is known for outstanding academic performance and great achievements in cultural and sporting activities. Being one of the top-ranked schools in the country, Elimu House School offers an excellent and enjoyable learning atmosphere for every child.

Its boarding facilities have a home-like touch, so your kids won’t miss their bedroom. The school’s means of transport is also efficient and reliable so your little ones won’t be late.

2. Brookshine School

Brookshine School is another excellent institution with excellent management. The school is located in Kamulu and has been running since 2002. The learning atmosphere here is conducive, thanks to the state-of-the-art facilities tailor-made to stimulate and motivate the students for wholesome development. This group of schools consists of kindergarten, primary, and a boy’s high school. The education model offered here is IGCSE.

Academic excellence is among the many reasons you should enroll your kid in this school. The teachers are also well-trained and experienced. Besides, values such as honesty, respect, and integrity will be instilled in your kids.

3. St. Phillip Neri Primary School

This primary day and boarding school’s mission is to provide quality education to children without discrimination. The school is a CBC center and also offers the 8-4-4 system of education. St. Phillips Neri is located in Joska, approximately 4 km off Kangundo Rd.

Besides academic excellence, this school also focuses on extra-curricular activities and nurturing and developing skills and talents. In terms of facilities, this education center has a state-of-the-art ICT lab and library, just to mention a few.

It also provides door-to-door student transport services so your child will not fail to be picked up or dropped.

4. Vickmerry School

Vickmerry School is located in Ruai, off Kangundo Road, another incredible center of academic excellence. This school boasts over 30 years of experience so that you can enroll your kid confidently. Besides academic excellence, the teachers ensure students get wholesome growth without excluding their talents and gifts.

The school’s boarding facility is secure and spacious, with comfortable beds and is undoubtedly one of the best schools along Kangundo road.

5. Riena School

Riena School is privately owned and defined by high-quality education in CBC and 8-4-4 Curriculum. The school is located in Ruai town and has a kindergarten and primary school. Since it was founded, the school has continued to grow massively. Apart from academic excellence, Riena School ranks in sports and extra-curricular activities.

6. Missions of Hope International

The Missions of Hope International is a private boarding primary school in Joska. It was founded in 2007. This school has a safe and controlled learning environment and focuses on providing quality Christian education to children from different backgrounds.

7. Birch Hill School

Birch Hill School is located in Joska Township. The school provides wholesome education and promotes other activities besides academic excellence. These activities include swimming, scouting, and sports. The meals provided here are well-balanced for healthy body, spirit, and mind growth. Transport is also affordable, reliable, and efficient, covering the whole of Joska, Kamulu, and the surrounding areas.

8. Twin Birds Academy

A religious organization runs this private day and boarding primary school in Ruai. The school runs under the 8-4-4 education system. It admits students from all walks of life and is known for consistent academic excellence. This facility is also spacious; the students have enough space for indoor and outdoor activities. Transport is also provided for students within and outside Ruai town.

9. King David School

Kind David School is one of the most modern schools in Kamulu

Kind David School is one of the most modern schools in Kamulu. The kindergarten and primary school boast a serene environment and offers holistic learning and development to learners. This school provides incredible education and equips the students with skills and knowledge to help them thrive after graduation and is undoubtedly one of the best schools along Kangundo road

10. Jubilant Junior School

Jubilant Junior School is another incredible primary school to enroll your children. The school is located in Kamulu, and it’s privately owned and managed. This day and boarding school offer the CBC education system. The institution accommodates both girls and boys, and it has plenty of space. Transport is also available.

11. Greenview Group of Schools

Greenview schools Kamulu is among the top schools in Kamulu

This is a well-managed private school at the heart of Kamulu. The school has enough qualified, hardworking teachers who are committed to their work and interact with students effortlessly.

The school has modern facilities and a fleet of buses to pick up students from far and wide.

Greenview Group of Schools also has a safe and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

12. Josnah Primary School

Josnah Primary School is a privately owned day and boarding primary school. The school offers the current CBC systems of education. Moreover, this learning institution has spacious grounds and good facilities for intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially growing your child. The school is hygienic and has a comfortable setting for teachers and students to focus. Josnah Primary provides the best education to students.

13. Spring of Mercy Primary School

Our list of best schools along Kangundo Road can’t be exhausted without the Spring of Mercy Primary School. The school is located in Ruai, among the leading schools in the area. It is a private day and boarding primary school handling students from playgroups up to grade 8.

However, the boarding facility is only for the students in the upper classes.

The Spring of Mercy school is equipped to meet the requirements of the 8-4-4 and the CBC education systems. It is also clean and well-organized for conducive learning.

14. Magodo Complex Primary School

Magodo Complex is a private primary school located near Kangundo town. The government manages the school and has a quality plan and policy that guides the performance of teachers and students. The school sits on a large portion of land; hence, there is enough space for all learning activities. Additionally, Magodo Complex School has diverse and compelling measures of success that the whole school community understands.

15. Kwaken Primary School

The Kwaken Primary School is located on Komarock Kangundo Road. It is a privately owned day school. This school has enough teachers and support staff working together for the good of the students. Academically, Kwaken Primary School is among the top schools in the Kangundo constituency. Students in this school are molded wholesomely to thrive in various stages of their lives.

16.Jasipa Primary School

Jasipa is a well-established day and boarding primary school located in Ruai town. The school is privately managed and offers the CBC and 8-4-4 education systems. This school has a conducive learning environment and supportive teachers and administrators. Students here are nurtured through the creation of instructional techniques by teachers. Discipline is top-notch, which has helped the school be among the best-performing schools along Kangundo Road.

17. Tala Academy Primary School

This is a private primary school located in Tala town. It is a mixed-day school with big classrooms and crucial up-to-date learning facilities. The school accommodates students from all backgrounds and has supportive teachers. Academically, Tala Academy does well and beats most schools within the Kangundo constituency.

18. Josper Junior Academy

Josper Junior Academy is located at Stage 26 off Kangundo Road. This school provides an unmatchable foundation on education and spiritual and mental training through quality education and mentorship. The school admits students in Playgroup, pre-primary, and primary. Josper Academy accommodates boarding students, has modern learning facilities, and a tremendous transport system.

19. Blue Hills Academy

This mixed-day and boarding primary school is located at stage 26 in Ruai. Since its founding, the school has been committed to producing morally, socially, and academically self-reliant students. Additionally, this institution offers quality, all-round education in a competent and conducive learning environment.

Blue Hills Academy has a diverse student and staff population, hence a top social integration.

20. Seloboy Brilliant Schools

The Seloboy Brilliant School is located in Kamulu town. It’s a mixed-day and secondary school with a conducive learning environment. The school is very secure and spacious and has a

primary, Junior Secondary, and Girls High school.

Students here enjoy personalized teaching and great mentorship programs that nurture them holistically. Extra-curricular activities are also available here, including music, arts and crafts, and various games and sports. The center is also CBC-compliant.

21. Welkim Academy

This is a private primary school in Ruai managed by a religious organization. It is a day and boarding primary school located in Ruai. The local community considers this institution a center of academic excellence thanks to its outstanding performance, especially in National exams. The school is safe and has spacious classrooms and modern learning resources. Door-to-door transport is available for students who stay within and outside Ruai town.

22.St Joseph’s Freinademetz Catholic Pri Sch

Located in Ruai, this catholic school is an excellent learning center for students from all walks of life. The institution conducts education for holistic transformation and focuses mainly on a child’s strengths. This school also admits students with special needs. St. Joseph has an excellent leadership system that enhances the relationship between teachers, parents, and students is undoubtedly one of the best schools along Kangundo road.

23. Solidarity Primary School

Solidarity Primary School is privately owned and managed. This world-class, conducive, and competitive education center offers quality education. Solidarity Primary is a modern school with state-of-the-art facilities that make learning enjoyable. The school provides the CBC system of education and conducts extracurricular activities. Transport is available for the students who live far from the school.

24. Dreamlane Preparatory School

Dreamlane Preparatory is a private mixed primary school. The school boasts an excellent learning environment and innovative teaching methodologies. The institution has been consistent in terms of academic performance since when it started. This is all thanks to the unwavering collaboration between teachers, students, and parents.

25. Elite Heritage Schools

Elite Heritage School is a big private school with double streams from playgroup to class 8. The school is a place where students are well nurtured to bring out the potential in them. Elite Heritage Schools has a track record of producing excellent results in the national exams. Besides academics, the school excels in other avenues, such as games, sports, music, and debates. This school is located at Hurlingham Stage along Kangundo Road and is undoubtedly one of the best schools along Kangundo road.

Kangundo Road has lovely residential places, including Joska, Ruai, Kamulu, and Malaa. If you have school-going kids, there are plenty of schools to enroll them. Consider the ones discussed here, as they are excellent for an all-rounded child.

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