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10 Recreational Spots Along Kangundo Road Map

Hotels along Kangundo Road in Ruai Nairobi & other Resorts along kangundo Road along Machakos Kangundo Road Map

Recreational spots along Kangundo Road are situated in the outskirts of Nairobi town. With the rapid growth experienced in the area, more and more amenities are springing up as a result of families settling in the area.

Recreational sites are spots or places where individuals or families get to spend quality time bonding with each other or just unwinding after a tiresome day.

Kangundo road growth has brought about development of kids play parks, Nyama Choma zones and even resorts where you can go and relax when you need to get away from home. If you are a buyer who has invested along this route, below are a few places that might just be good for you and your family to enjoy:

Top Rated Recreational Spots along Kangundo Road

  • Kamulu kids play park

Located along Kangundo road in Kamulu town is Kamulu kids play park. This is an alcohol free zone where you can take your kids during the weekend or holiday so as to break the monotony of staying in the house.

They have kids friendly play equipment with a swimming pool in the vicinity. No alcohol is sold here hence making it a child friendly zone with no worries with any people (adults) indulging and misbehaving.

  • Komarock shrine

For the adults’ who prefer having a quiet time with God; Komarock shrine is the best place to go to. As the name suggests, it is located at a place called Komarock along Kangundo road past a town called Malaa. There is no better way to connect with the higher source (God) other than through prayer. Here you will have all the peace you need as you make your petitions above.

There is a huge rock statue of Mary and Jesus. Kneel and pray for your countless sins.

  • Afro Sayari

It is located along the Eastern bypass next to Ruai town. A very good spot for one to hold occasions like;

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Photo-shoots
  • Other events

Due to its large compound, it’s the best place for events as it accommodates a lot of people at once.  Not forgetting that they also have some good offers for Family fun days or Lazy Sundays that you just want to get out of your house.

  • Machakos people’s park

This is for the nature lovers. It is located in Machakos town just a few minutes’ drive from the Eastern bypass along Kangundo Road. Here you get to experience a different kind of culture and even breathe fresh air as it is away from the pollution of the city. Good for nature walks and even just finding a good spot where you can sit, relax and indulge yourself with a book.

  • Bantu Hotel

Bantu resort is next to the Eastern bypass on your way to Ruai town from Chokaa town.  It offers a board room area where you can hold your meetings for those working from home, WFH. Bantu Hotel is definitely among the best hotels along Kangundo road. Other services are;

  • Swimming
  • Restaurant
  • Bar for the adults to indulge
  • Accommodation for local travelers
  • And many more


  • Choma zones

These are designated areas where meat is roasted along the road. Nyama Choma is a common Kenyan meat delicacy that people love enjoying during the weekends at different joints or restaurants. Here you get to sample some chunks of meat until your taste buds settle on one particular flavor. The meat is roasted in plain sight hence you get to see the process of its preparation making it a worthwhile experience. You even get to decide on how you want it cooked.

  • Wild Resort Ruai

It is located along Kangundo road escorts though hidden on a hill with a panoramic view of Mt. Kilimambogo, Muua hills and Lukenya hills. On a clear morning, you’ll be able to view Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Ranges. The resort boosts of accommodation with access to a garden with a terrace. They offer both adult and kids facility with both alcohol and a smoking zone. Wild Resort Ruai is definitely among the top recreational spots along Kangundo road. Other fun activities include;

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Bonfires
  • Treasure valleys
  • Pool parties
  • Cottages
  • Delicious food


  • Fahari Gardens Hotel

This is one of the most expensive facilities along Kangundo road. The hotel is a popular spot for both the locals and tourists. Its proximity to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport makes it ideal for many travelers and foreigners it’s among the best places to visit in Utawala.

It is fully equipped with;

  • Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Luxurious garden

 Road trip- roads

This is for those who love exploring a new area by car. Kangundo road is a good area where one can get to plan and go for a road trip as new satellite towns are coming up every now and then. The roads are well tarmacked making it a worthwhile experience.

  • Free Town Recreation Centre

The Recreation Centre is along Kangundo Road at a small town called 26 near Kamulu town. It is one of the facilities with a good swimming pool for the locals and also offering delicious meals at very affordable prices. Its environment is very serene making it an ideal place for photo-shoots.


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